The giant oak tree where Caleb was born stood at the edge of the woods behind the old Henderson farm. Mother Nature had fashioned two of the most of the most perfect hollow cavities in the giant oak, and was just right for raccoons, and the other was perfect for opossums. Every Spring for as long as anyone could remember different families had chosen these two most perfect nests in which to raise their young. One particular Spring was very special, all because of Caleb, who was the smallest raccoon ever to be born in the giant oak, and his problems growing up.

Several days before Caleb was born, his mother Rachel and her good friend Olivia O'Possum arrived at the giant oak tree to begin preparing their nests for the arrival of their new babies. aRachel and Olivia were especially happy because they would be close together and they both loved the giant oak because they knew it would provide shelter, safety and warmth for their families.