Wildlife Rehab Clinic
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Animal Emergency Clinic  822-7600


Animal Control

St. Louis City 314-353-5838
St. Louis County Central/South 314-726-6655
North 314-831-6500


Humane Societies

Jefferson County 314-677-1453
Franklin County 636-583-4300
St. Charles County 636-949-9918


Animal Emergency Clinic 314-822-7600
Bentley Animal Hospital (Dr. Brian Rieter) 636-225-4545
Veterinary Group of Chesterfield (Dr. Marie Bauer) 636-537-3915
Clark Animal Hospital (Dr. Jeff Coggin) 314-966-2733
Tri-City Animal & Bird (Dr. VanHorn & Dr. Jurassic) 314-227-4041



Wolf Sanctuary 636-938-5900
Turtle Society (turtles & frogs) 314-726-4064
Wasps & Bees (SEE Local Pest Control)



Audubon Society 636-938-6123
Waterfowl 314-301-1500
Parrots 314-770-1148
Pekin Duck Fund (domestic waterfowl) 314-994-1031
Wild Bird Rehab (songbirds only) 314-984-9116
World Bird Sanctuary (hawks, owls, raptors) 636-938-6193



Rabbits, house/domestic 314-995-1457
Pet Search 636-458-2287
Tracerof Lost Creatures 314-968-3297
Feline Connection 636-519-8514
Cat Network 314-664-4740
Open Door Animal Sanctuary (dogs & cats) 636-671-3643
Animal Protective Association - Hanley 314-645-4610


Wildlife Removal Services

Alpha-Jefferson & St. Louis Counties (all animals) 636-343-8092

Department of Conservation

St. Louis Headquarters (Powder Valley Recreation Center) 314-301-1500
Jefferson County 636-677-1453
St. Charles 636-949-9918

Illinois Services

Treehouse Rescue Center (Brighton) 618-372-8092
Dr. Dennis Groom (Belleville) 618-397-4660