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QR codes can take you a lot of places...

but to shoot a QR code with your phone, you will need a QR Code Reader app.

Android: First I installed the "QR Code Reader Version 2.3" from the Google App Store (it has a red laser across the middle of the logo).
iPhone: If you have an iPhone, I googled "qr reader for iphone app store" and found a bunch. TapMedia's looks good but I did not review it (

This code (above) links to a URL (web address), in this case Wikipedia's article on QR codes. Can you shoot it with your phone?

QR code doesn't always go to a website. It can contain text too (shoot this to see the words inside, OK, it says, "QR codes don't have to go to a website. You can just include text. This might be good for kids who could explore the Museum using their phones and actually learn something in their own way."). Is that what you found?

See all the extra dots? With that many dots this QR code could contain several pages of text (although this example just illustrates lots of dots and goes nowhere.) Fine dots could mean much more content. But hey, a Museum could be fun even with short paragraphs.

Now to find a Museum....